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Singapore’s Video Production Agencies: Spotlight

Singapore’s Video Production Agencies

In today’s digital era, video content exerts an unparalleled influence in captivating audiences and fostering engagement across various sectors. As companies strive to establish a robust online presence and connect with their target audience, the pursuit of top-tier video production services remains paramount. In Singapore, a diverse array of video production agencies thrives, offering a vast array of services to meet the complex demands of clients. From crafting corporate videos to commercials, animations, and more, these agencies are crucial in shaping brand narratives and delivering immersive visual experiences that resonate with viewers.

Let us explore the landscape of video production agencies in Singapore.

1. Brand Artistry

Brand Artistry, a distinguished video production agency based in Singapore, has rapidly ascended the ranks since its founding in 2019, securing a notable niche in the domain of professional videography services. Specialising in comprehensive video production from ideation through to post-production, Brand Artistry prides itself on a collaborative ethos. The agency crafts bespoke video concepts in close partnership with clients, ensuring that the message not only comes across but resonates deeply with the intended audience. This strategic approach has earned Brand Artistry a portfolio of locally recognised brands eager to engage with the agency, amassing a wealth of experience both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. It signifies that every project undertaken is instrumental in enhancing the client’s brand and visibility.


  • Online Commercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Product Launch Videos
  • Training & Educational Videos
  • Tutorial Videos

Key Features

Mastery in translating client visions into video narratives that captivate and persuade.
A rich portfolio of collaborations with leading local brands, showcasing diverse industry expertise.
Innovative storytelling techniques that combine creative flair with strategic marketing insights.
Recognised for elevating brands through bespoke video content that harnesses current trends and audience preferences.

2. Aww Media

Aww Media distinguishes itself in Singapore’s vibrant video production landscape with its distinctive approach to creating visually engaging content, particularly noted for its unique flair in musically driven edits. This boutique video production company skilfully blends graphic elements with audio effects to craft immersive visual narratives. Although it has garnered accolades for its music videos, Aww Media’s expertise encompasses the entire gamut of video production. It offers comprehensive services that include storyboarding, scripting, location scouting, talent curation, and sophisticated post-production editing. This versatility renders Aww Media a dependable choice for corporate video production, meeting the needs of businesses large and small.


  • Video Marketing
  • Virtual Tour and 360 Videos
  • Advertisements and Commercials
  • Interactive Videos

Key Features

Exceptional artistic direction and the ability to create engaging social media campaigns.
Renowned for delivering projects with a swift turnaround time.
Experience with prestigious clients such as Disney, Tiger Beer, Kino Biotech, UNIQLO, and American Express, demonstrating a capacity to manage high-profile projects.

3. Mbrella Films

Mbrella Films is a renowned film production company based in Singapore, recognised for its ability to deliver high-end, full-scale production services for a variety of film projects. Boasting a team with over a decade of experience in the film industry, Mbrella Films provides comprehensive support to both local and international filmmakers looking to shoot in Singapore. This support encompasses assistance with film permits, location scouting, and the securing of skilled crews to ensure the seamless execution of projects. The company is film board-approved, underlining its commitment to quality and compliance with local regulations. Beyond its production services, Mbrella Films also showcases Singapore’s appeal as a filming destination, boasting a spectrum of unique sites from ultra-modern cityscapes to lush resort islands. Their extensive service offering, combined with Singapore’s diverse filming locations, positions Mbrella Films as a premier partner for filmmakers aiming to create impactful visual content in Southeast Asia.


  • Commercial, Documentary, and Branded Videos
  • Corporate Videography
  • Animation
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Music Videos and Behind-The-Scenes (BTS)

Key Features

Expertise in commercial video production coupled with robust capabilities in orchestrating social media campaigns.
Noted for commendable professionalism throughout all projects.
A diverse talent pool that facilitates the creation of content with global resonance.

4. Easy Video

Easy Video stands out as a leading video production company in Singapore, renowned for its comprehensive services in both commercial and corporate videography. The company manages every aspect of production from the initial pre-production stages to final delivery, ensuring a seamless process that accommodates a wide variety of video content types. Easy Video’s extensive service offering includes corporate videos, commercial videography, tutorial videos, training videos, live feed videography, aerial drone footage, 2D & 3D animation, 3D mapping projections, and time-lapse videography. Focused on creating high-impact content, Easy Video is committed to producing videos that not only meet but exceed client expectations, tailoring every project to the specific goals and objectives of their clients.


  • Corporate Videos
  • Commercial Videography
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Live Feed Videography
  • Aerial Drone Videos
  • 2D & 3D Animation Videos
  • 3D Mapping Projections
  • Time-Lapse Videography

Key Features

A comprehensive suite of video production services, encompassing everything from pre-production to final delivery.
Specialises in crafting impactful commercial and corporate videos.
Employs advanced videography techniques such as aerial drone footage and 3D animation to elevate the visual appeal of its productions.

5. Big 3

Big 3 Media, positioning itself as a creative juggernaut, is revolutionizing the film and video production landscape with its unique approach. Known for transcending traditional norms, Big 3 Media shapes narratives through a diverse lens, establishing itself as a beacon of creativity and innovation. It is renowned for delivering compelling corporate videos as well as pioneering AR/VR experiences. With a dynamic ensemble of passionate creators and cutting-edge facilities, Big 3 Media navigates the complexities of media creation with ease, producing content that genuinely resonates with its audience. The versatility and creativity of Big 3 Media make it a prominent name in Singapore’s video production scene, capable of turning visionary ideas into vivid realities.


  • Corporate Videos
  • Social Media and Video Marketing
  • 2D & 3D Animation Videos
  • Visual Effects
  • Digital Experiences (AR/VR)

Key Features

A dynamic team of creatives, skilled across a broad spectrum of video production services.
Renowned for the prompt delivery of projects without compromising on quality.
Exceptional expertise in animation and digital experiences, encompassing AR and VR technologies.
Serves a prestigious clientele, including industry giants such as Nike, P&G, Visa, Samsung, and SAP, underscoring its ability to successfully execute high-profile projects.

Final Words

The realm of Singapore video production showcases a vibrant landscape brimming with creativity, innovation, and professionalism. In marketing, video production has evolved into a fundamental branding and communication tool as more businesses recognize the central role that relevant visual stories play in capturing the audience’s attention and enhancing their engagement with the brand. The organizations featured in this article represent the pinnacle of performance in the sector, boasting a pool of experts whose custom-made design solutions are tailored to meet client needs. These agencies demonstrate that quality, collaboration, and customer satisfaction are key. With creativity and innovation as hallmarks of the Singapore scene, these agencies are crucial in crafting compelling brand stories and enhancing the visual impact in the digital world.