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All video communications utilized for internal or external business messages fall under the broad definition of “corporate video.”

The target audience is one way a corporate video in Singapore can be distinguished from conventional video advertisements. Corporate videos frequently target a certain group of people rather than the broader public.

A corporate film could be produced to showcase a new firm’s effort or to report financial results to stakeholders. Corporate films may also be used to promote new product lines or services as well as to teach employees.

Corporate and business videos were once seen as an extravagance in a company’s marketing plan. Whether you run a small business or are a part of a major organization, videos made by professional video production services are seen as a crucial component of a successful marketing strategy.

Misperceptions regarding videos that were formerly true still exist today.

Some are:

  • Videos cost much too much
  • Difficult to create
  • Challenging to get right
  • Perhaps not yield much value

This article’s goal is to dispel these false beliefs. We’re here to help you comprehend the real advantages of video marketing and the reasons why you ought to use it for your company.

Brand and Branding

Simply put, a brand is a collection of components created to reflect the interaction a customer has with a business. These components might include the logo’s layout, the language used in posts, videos, and social media, the colour scheme, the fonts chosen, the company name, as well as the vision and purpose statements.

Some brands are seen as being superior and more reliable, despite the fact that their products are nearly identical to those of their competitors. Instant connections are made with them. You may see them in the distance at shopping centre, stores, and movie theaters. You can even see people clamouring for that particular brand. The value message, which establishes the groundwork for the brand’s identity, is where the magic is.

A well-developed brand will assist you in weeding out potential clients and narrowing your attention to a certain target market that you want to do business with. These are the people who will eventually profit the most from your services or goods, who are the greatest financial candidates for them, and who are most likely to use them.

A greater closure rate or sale rate is the result of targeting these individuals. Again, they will promote your business since they probably have friends and contacts that fall into the same target demographic. An essential step in creating a brand is identifying your target audience.

Why Does Corporate Video Production Matter?

People love to access content through video introductions.

Video is a very easy and comfortable approach to providing information in a way that is high-impact and personable. Customers have enthusiastically embraced this method of information gathering. When watching a video, information is absorbed far more quickly than when reading words on a page. This video information is more memorable than text, which is another advantage.

Corporate videos have higher YouTube rankings

To the astonishment of many, YouTube is the second-largest search engine worldwide. Video usage is increasing daily, which has contributed to YouTube’s enormous popularity. People frequently use Google to look up information, but they also use YouTube to look up instructional and instructive films, both of which are in high demand.

Search engines prefer video content

Videos are largely instructional, as was previously stated. They are quite useful to customers as a result. In their ongoing quest to deliver the most useful results for users’ searches, search engines frequently turn to video. This is why video frequently appears alongside the typical SERP components when you search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

According to statistics, if a website has video integrated into it, it is 53 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page. The main cause of this is that watching videos lengthens an average website visit.

Because you have something worthwhile to provide and because Google sees it as an investment on the part of your visitors, you are rewarded with high ranks.

Videos are loved on social media

A video is frequently a fantastic approach to providing important information promptly in a style that is very pleasant and absorbable.

This indicates that it is highly shareable, and social media platforms are where the material is shared most frequently. After seeing sponsored social media videos, 64% of users make a purchase. Additionally, social video produces 12 times more shares than both text and images put together.

A chosen audience receives a tonne of exposure thanks to this degree of sharing. On mobile, video is the most important thing. If you’ve ever tried to read anything from a website or article on a smartphone or mobile device, you know how difficult it can be.

Consuming video is far simpler than doing so with mobile material. This is a crucial factor to take into account given that mobile devices account for 75% of all internet activity. Videos that are entertaining or instructional but are also brief and captivating are perfect for mobile devices.

You can recycle videos by

One of the best things about commercial video production is that it doesn’t always end when you have a finished product. You may take the completed video, cut it up into smaller chunks, and distribute them across your social media platforms.

Even better, you may change the video’s content to convey a message that is different from the one you originally intended.

Corporate videos offer a notable ROI

Let’s go right to the point. Although adding video to your marketing plan will involve an investment, over 50% of business owners that utilise video claim it offers the best return on investment of all available marketing strategies.

The video is quite well-produced. It raises the company’s reputation. It has a large following and is very shareable within its intended demographic. Because of these factors, it frequently attracts the largest audience to a business, builds trust, and produces leads or sales.