Commercial Videography

Video advertisements offer a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and encourage consumers to make a purchase. Engage our suite of commercial video production services to create compelling content to increase brand visibility. Commercial video production is one of the most powerful marketing tools available, and a well-made video advertisement can fast-track consumer trust and brand growth.

What is a Commercial Video?

A commercial video is a brief promotional video that may be shown on television, streaming services, social media, and other online venues. Commercial videos are normally 30 seconds to a minute in length, at most. When they are made well, they are effective commercials that showcase your business’s values and offerings in an engaging manner that will attract new clients.

In contrast to more in-depth films, like product demonstrations or explainer videos, advertisements are high-level and provide a taste of the firm’s value. Using this teaser, advertisers may strike a chord with a broader audience, sparking interest and anticipation via hyper-specific digital marketing initiatives.

Types of Commercial Video Production Services

As a leading professional video production house in Singapore, Brand Artistry is experienced in working with a range of different products. The ad you pick will depend on your product or service, your target audience, and your aim.

These are the types of commercial videos we can create for you:


Aspirational videos enable you to connect emotionally with viewers. This kind of video is a way of motivating your audience by showing how your product enhances the lives of people. These commercials and videos emphasise a product’s benefits above its features.


A good comparison video focuses on your business’s merits rather than on your competitor’s shortcomings. This type of video might tell a story comparing your product or service to the other available offerings. With this type of advertisement, we find it’s always most professional to be tactful and not criticise the competition. Of course, we would never use copyrighted images or words in referring to others.


This kind of video describes your product and educates the viewers. Explainer commercial videos are utilised when viewers don’t understand your product or service’s purpose. You can use this type of video to show product usage, and it might list the advantages of using your product in order to convince the consumer to buy it.


Viewers are more inclined to believe a peer’s product evaluation rather than something they are told by a company. Nothing sells your goods like a delighted client, so utilise them to your advantage. Use a client testimonial to boost your company’s reputation.

Not sure which commercial video service is suited to your needs?

Speak with Brand Artistry for professional advice! We produce videos for use in any phase of the sales process.

How can Brand Artistry Assist you?

Our video production team is committed to making films that stand out in a crowded online space and capture the attention of their intended viewers. We produce a wide range of commercial videos to benefit businesses, including corporate profiles, instructional films, promotional clips, social media content, video documentation, event recaps, hospitality videos, and more.

Since you are the authority in your sector, we will collaborate with you to guarantee that the video material we produce for your company is linguistically and technically accurate. All your material will be readily available to clients, partners, and industry colleagues with the help of Brand Artistry’s commercial video production services.

Get in touch with us today and tell us what you want to achieve. We strive to make videos that are not only aesthetically appealing but also speak to the emotions of your viewers. No matter what kind of story you are conveying to your audience, Brand Artistry can ensure you accomplish it easily and with style.

Add-on Benefits: Maximising Video Outreach

In addition to our production of commercial videos, we extend our expertise to tailored promotional strategies that align with the dynamics of the modern digital landscape. In today’s digital era, creating a high-quality video is just the initial step; the success lies in ensuring that the video effectively reaches its intended audience. This is where our add-on benefits become invaluable.

These benefits entail well-planned video promotion across platforms known for high engagement. Alongside this, we optimise the videos for the potential to achieve higher reach. By strategically harnessing these platforms, your videos will effectively connect with wide-ranging audiences, sparking enthusiasm and delivering concrete results for your brand.

The shareable nature of social media platforms provides an ideal environment for content to gain viral momentum. A captivating video is more likely to be shared by viewers, initiating organic growth and broadening its reach.

Our team possesses the expertise to optimise video content for these platforms, ensuring increased visibility and interaction. This approach not only amplifies your brand’s message but also significantly enhances return on investment by capturing a broader and more pertinent audience segment.

Transform Your Vision into Reality!

Ready to elevate your brand to greater heights? There’s no need to delay any further. Seize the potential of commercial videography in collaboration with Brand Artistry and witness your business flourish. Embark on the initial stride towards a transformative marketing approach. Reach out to us today for an in-depth consultation or a personalised quote tailored to your commercial videography requirements!