Event Videography

Brand Artistry is among the top video production companies known for its quality videography services in Singapore. Let our dedicated team of skilled professionals help you in creating well-crafted and effective videos to meet all your needs.

Taking advantage of professional video production services is an excellent way to preserve the memories of your special event, whether it’s a party or a large conference.

With our event videography, you can capture and preserve every memorable moment of celebration for future viewing.

Event videography in Singapore entails recording significant life events, corporate anniversaries, birthdays, seminars, performances, and more. Organising an event can be a complicated process with multiple factors to plan and organise.

Finding a reliable and professional video production agency doesn’t need to be one of your problems. Brand Artistry will honour your business, take care of every detail of your videography needs and adhere to a strict schedule to ensure that we capture the important moments.

When you choose Brand Artistry as your video production services company, our video team will make certain to meet your personal and business needs.

Our Workflow


Our initial step involves comprehending your requirements concerning the video project. We will engage in a comprehensive discussion, including budget considerations, in order to grasp the precise objectives and goals. This detailed understanding is pivotal in evaluating alignment between your concept and our capabilities, ensuring we can effectively collaborate within your budgetary framework.


Following our initial conversations, we will proceed to the subsequent phase, wherein we will create a comprehensive plan based on your specifications. This detailed plan will guide us in successfully undertaking your project. At this juncture, you can anticipate a thorough breakdown of estimated costs and the necessary to achieve the project's objectives effectively.


Once the arrangement is confirmed, we will commence the process of outlining and coordinating the project timeline. Our subsequent step will involve assembling a team for the specific scope of work required and you can contribute suggestions or address any queries you might have.


The pre-production phase involves planning and preparation, during which our team prepares for the actual shoot. It involves visiting locations for reece and preparing equipment needed. Since pre-production sets the groundwork for the entire production process, it is essential to pay close attention to details.


In the production phase, the planning and pre-production efforts materialise into reality. This stage encompasses the actual filming of the video, including any necessary audio recording. The project coordinator and crew work in collaboration throughout stage for the shoot.

Post Production

The last phase is the post-production stage. This entails sorting and refining all the raw footage and integrating the audio and any motion graphics. We also refine the final product through techniques such as colour grading, audio mixing, and animations. This stage is where we ensure that the video appears and sounds good before its release to your viewers.

Our Prices

Recognising the value of your events and the pivotal role of preserving them in quality, we’ve designed our editing and
event videography services in Singapore to cater to your requirements.

Our principles encompass:

  • A Client-Centric Approach
  • Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Costs
  • Emphasis on Quality over Quantity

Event Videography Highlights Package:

  • On-Site Videography: $250/hr
    • Expert videographers equipped with state-of-the-art tools will be at your event, ensuring every
      important moment is captured.
  • Post-Event Editing: $400
    • Our editing package includes:
      1. Comprehensive video editing to weave together the event’s best moments.
      2. Colour correction and grading for a cinematic touch.
      3. Sound enhancement and mixing.
      4. A preview version for feedback before finalizing.

Note: Custom packages are available upon request. We’re happy to accommodate special requirements or preferences for event videography in Singapore.

Our Portfolio

The Significance of Recording Events

  • Videography services offer an excellent way to document any occasion, whether it’s a large-scale business event or a small personal function.
  • For conferences, presentations, awards ceremonies or any other special occasions, our team can assist you in building meaningful connections with your audience.
  • Promoting your business or organization on online video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, is a great way to increase visibility and reach for your website.
  • A professionally produced promotional video of your event can serve as “social proof” that establishes credibility and persuades people to interact with your business.
  • Cinematic event videography in Singapore enables you to relive every exciting moment at A later date.
  • Our Skilled videographers capture the most memorable moments of your event on high-quality video.
  • The stunning footage of your special day can be enjoyed by those who were unable to attend in person.

Corporate Events We Cover

We are experts in creating captivating video content for a diverse range of corporate events. Our team works closely with clients to understand their particular needs and objectives and then applies our knowledge and skills to capture the essence of the event and convey its key messages.

Whether it’s large-scale conferences or product launches, we can help you record the moments that effectively communicate your goals and objectives.

These are just some of the events that we specialize in covering:

Appreciation Events

Brand Artistry covers appreciation events and produces perfectly polished videos that brilliantly capture the ambience of the occasion. Our team has the expertise and access to advanced tools to produce engaging videos that express gratitude and appreciation.

Trade Shows

As a video production house, we offer trade show videography services in Singapore to generate excitement and showcase your products and services at their best. That way you can attract prospects by effectively communicating the event's main points to your audience.

Business Dinners

Let us help make a lasting impression on your guests with our professional video production services that successfully capture the essence of your event. Our quality event videography will capture the unique qualities of the day and convey your message effectively.


Brand Artistry also offers specialized videography services for covering conferences and producing quality video material for every moment, from keynote speeches, and presentations, to panel discussions. Let us help you make your next conference an unforgettable experience and capture every detail of the event.

Charity Events

We understand the importance of charity events and the impact they have on the community. Our team is committed to providing exceptional video coverage that perfectly conveys the message of these charity events. We are dedicated to helping your organisation highlight your goals and communicate their purpose to a wider audience to make a positive difference.

Team-Building Events

Looking to enhance your team-building event? Trust Brand Artistry to capture it all on video! Our skilled staff are experienced in capturing the essence of team-building events promoting cooperation and camaraderie among attendees. With our videography skills, we can help you achieve your objectives and create a lasting impact.

Board Meetings

Our team at Brand Artistry can assist you in providing comprehensive video coverage of board meetings or any other corporate meeting. Our wealth of experience in videography services ensures that every important detail is captured and showcased professionally in the videos we produce for you.

Holiday Parties

We would love to capture the spirit of your holiday parties with our videography expertise. From festive decorations to lively conversations and everything in between, we will create engaging videos that truly capture the spirit of the season and the character of your group.