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Mastering the Video Production Process for Amazing Results

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Take a quick shot on your mobile phone, and you are done. So easy to make a video. But actually, making a good video is another story. This is where you should know about the Video Production Singapore process for amazing results!

When it comes to marketing, video plays a crucial role. So, if you have not included the video medium in your marketing strategy, you are missing out on something.

Do you know 86% of customers wish to see more videos from the brand? Not only this, 87% of businesses utilise Commercial Videos as a marketing tool to promote their services and products.

Before starting, you must understand some things about commercial video production and its process. This will help you to achieve results that will amaze you!

A Quick Introduction

It is such a dynamic and exciting process of video creation. It includes the creation of videos for various purposes, such as advertising in digital format.

This process is carried out in three phases:

  • Pre-Production- It is the planning phase of the video
  • Production- It is the actual filming of the video
  • Post-Production- It is the final stage

Below, we will discuss everything about video production for amazing outcomes!

Pre-Production Phase

This phase includes the planning of the video, like preparing a blueprint for the video. This step is essential because it ensures everything is planned and organised before moving to the next step.

Some things include in the pre-production phase:

  • Idea or Concept

Every video has a story to show its audience. So, this is where you should come up with a concept for your video. It includes the story or concept of your video, who your intended audiences are, the feel of the video, and the call to action you want to achieve.

  • Scriptwriting

This is the second step, where you have to create a script for your video. It is created to outline the story, characters, and dialogue for the video. This will determine the shots to be taken during the production phase.

  • Storyboarding

When you finalise the script for the video, you have to create storyboards for your team. It is the process of creating a visual representation of the scripts. It includes the pictures of the shot that need to be taken by the production team.

  • Confirm Location

This step includes the scouting of places or locations for the video shoot. You have to find the perfect location that matches the script requirements.

  • Casting

This step includes selecting or finding the actors or presenters for the video. You can select the voiceover talent, people from your organisation, or a professional actor. This is where you have to decide to find the right cast for the video.

  • Scheduling

In this step, you have to set the schedule for your video. Create a schedule that outlines the date, time, and location of the shoot for the production team.

Production Phase

This second phase includes the actual filming of the video. You have to coordinate with different elements, such as actors, crews, and equipment, to make sure everything works smoothly.

Some things include in the production phase:

  • Scene Preparation

All equipment must be set up as planned before filming. This covers everything, from the camera to the lights. Before starting to shoot, some directors may mark where the actors should stand to acquire the perfect shooting angle.

  • BTS (Behind the Scene) Footage

It might be a good idea to record behind-the-scenes footage if you are present when the video is being made. This extra content can later be utilised to create another video that explains your process or uploaded to social media.

  • Save the Footage

As soon as the filming is finished, keep in mind to save the material on a secure hard drive to eliminate any possibility of losing all your team has worked so hard to produce.

Post-Production Phase

This is the final step of this process. It includes editing and finalising the video. Editors collect all the raw footage to transform it into a finished product.

Some things include in the post-production phase:

  • Video Editing

In this step, all the raw videos are uploaded and organised for video editing. Professional video editors edit the video in the relevant software. This process involves selecting the best video, cutting and trimming the footage, adding effects and organising it into a perfect video.

  • Sound Editing

Once you have finished the video editing, the next step is sound editing. It involves cleaning up audio, adding sound effects, and mixing audio tracks. This ensures that your video and audio perfectly match for amazing outcomes.

  • Colour Correction

When the editing of the video is done, the next step is colour correction. This process involves adjusting or correcting the colour balance and tones of the video to achieve a consistent look.

  • Export the Video

Once your video is completed, the last step is exporting the video. It involves preparing the final video for distribution, including the appropriate file format and compression settings.


As we all know, producing a video is very complex, but it can be simplified by organising it into manageable stages. If you want to create a video but don’t know where to begin, consider working with professionals.

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